International Fundraising Congress - Taster Event

Datum: 17 September 2021
Tijd: 14:00 - 15:00 uur

Update 3 september 2021 | EVENT UITGESTELD 
IFC Summit 2021 is uitgesteld naar maart 2022. Het ‘taster event’ van Goede Doelen Nederland in samenwerking met IFC wordt hiermee ook voorlopig uitgesteld. Wanneer er een nieuwe datum bekend is, maken wij deze via de website en Academie nieuwsbrief bekend. 


Vanwege het internationale karakter van deze bijeenkomst, schrijven wij deze informatie over de online bijeenkomst in het Engels.

The International Fundraising Conference (IFC) and Goede Doelen Nederland are partnering up to organise a free online IFC 2021 taster event on Friday the 17th of September. 
At the IFC 2021 taster event, expert IFC Summit speaker Liz Ngonzi will deliver a session that offers you a taste of the IFC experience especially for members of Goede Doelen Nederland.

Liz Ngonzi (USA): Clarify Your Purpose and Craft Your Story for Impact
In this 45-minute interactive and hands-on session, you will be guided through the Liz Ngonzi Transforms ICAT (Inspire, Connect, Activate, and Transform) Coaching Framework and the distinctive approach to storytelling it incorporates. The session will consider how you can use that framework to achieve greater clarity about your purpose and how you can translate that understanding into a personal purpose statement to serve as the basis for a personal story. You will learn how those stories can be incorporated into in-person and online communications with key stakeholders, like donors. And how to use the Liz Ngonzi Transforms Online Storytelling Development Tool to craft your own.
Ruby Chadwick, Head of Events IFC, will give an overview of IFC Summit. You can ask her any questions about IFC Summit 2021.

Practical information
This online event is free of charge. It is only accessible to members of Goede Doelen Nederland and NLFL. After registering you will receive a Zoom link to participate. The session is being recorded.
This event is organised by Goede Doelen Nederland and IFC. For more information about this event, please contact Nicole Mooij via

IFC Summit 2021
The IFC is an interconnected, global community of fundraisers who convene each year for a 4-day conference in the Netherlands. Though IFC as we know it remains on hold due to the ongoing pandemic, IFC returns in a brand new way to connect in person. The Resource Alliance created IFC Summit: a space to reconnect, innovate, think, and collaborate, from which you will come back stronger to maximise your impact where it matters most.
IFC Summit takes place from October 20-22, 2021 at the NH Noordwijk Conference Centre in the Netherlands.

IFC Online 2021
To connect with as many fundraisers as possible, wherever they are, The Resource Alliance is also bringing back IFC Online for 2021. 
For more information about IFC Summit and IFC Online, loot at the IFC Website.